About Medyapod

How Medyapod emerged?

Medyapod is a podcast network from Turkey that brings together different people including journalists, bloggers, activists, scholars, sports lovers, technology enthusiasts, artists and art experts.

The idea of a podcast network in Turkey emerged in Spring 2018 due to massive changes in the media landscape of Turkey, especially after the sale of Doğan Group (which was the biggest media group in Turkey) to Demirören Group (which is known to have very good relationships with the government).

Why are we trying to enforce podcast culture in Turkey?

We were aware that, Turkish people had some difficulties to reach quality information and they weren’t comfortable with long text forms. People are looking for a multimedia experience which they can consume in their busy daily life as well. An average Turkish person, living in Turkish cities, spends btw. 1-2 hours in traffic every day, and it is a nice opportunity to listen to podcasts. This is also a great opportunity for podcasters since podcasts are easy to consume almost everywhere. In addition, Turkey’s mobile data packages are problematic and expensive. For that reason, podcasts are more preferable since they necessitate less data. Therefore, co-founders of Medyapod came up with the idea that podcast as a form that is easy to consume online/offline and easy to gather from multiple sources might be an ideal form of Turkish society.

Then in August 2018, we started our project with a handful of podcast shows concentrated on international politics, structural challenges in news media, social media platforms and art community. In two months; Medyapod became the only and of course biggest podcast Network in Turkey whose programs are available in platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spreaker.

Our Objectives:

  • Spreading the podcasting culture in Turkey.
  • Bringing more podcasters together and educating them on recording and promoting their podcasts.
  • Providing consultancy end education for those who would like to start their own podcasts.
  • Organizing Podcast Summit in Turkey every year and giving awards to people who contributed to podcast culture in Turkey. Inviting podcasters from different parts of the world and making them share their experience.
  • Contributing the struggle for freedom of speech in Turkey.
  • Overcoming filter bubble and being as inclusive as possible. Keeping together people with various ideas and political backgrounds.

Our financial model:

Medyapod defines its financial model as “hybrid”. We have just opened our Patreon profile which is supported by some of our listeners already on a regular basis. We believe that crowdfunding is a vital component of podcasting especially since advertisers in Turkey hasn’t discovered the niche market in this industry yet.

Of course, we are open to program sponsorships and we have created our advertising and audience relations department and now it is handled by two communication and marketing specialists (voluntarily).

We believe that our hybrid understanding of income model which is open to international funds and digital advertising revenue at the same time will provide sustainability for our platform in near future. So in order to attract more people our audience to advertise on us or support our platform, we have already designed a Patreon campaign that will be online by early December 2018, which will award people who supported Medyapod with certain amounts with mugs, t-shirts or products alike. We believe that, with this campaign, we will be able to collect around 500-1000$ on a monthly basis from our audience through Patreon. We also have some partner institutions, associations, and collectives that we can work with for international funding processes.


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